Hello, my name is Chris Bryz and welcome to my website! This is the domain I claim as my own, where I put everything I learned in college and beyond to the page and where it can be enjoyed by you, the reader!  Thanks in advance for checking out what I have to offer. My posts include short stories, poems and articles that have been published. I also have separate links to the music that I have recorded.

My current writing project has been transforming the series: Stand Off into a novel, and I am excited how the story is turning out. Thank you for being so patient until it is finished. . . I know I left the series on a cliffhanger.

My never-dying music project, Fully Fledged, has taken an interesting turn toward the dark-enticing sounds of the synthesizer coupled with wet and soothing guitar riffs. There is a new direction ahead and I am anxious to see its end destination at a third album.

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