Category: Short Stories

Daemon Sale

There were too many souls in all of hell’s circles, especially in the heart of the place where Malebolgia reigned. These souls that he condemned had proliferated to the point of maximum capacity and as to their rate of arrival; each circle became equally… Continue Reading “Daemon Sale”

Road Rage

This is capturing me with an intense sensation of delirium; meanwhile, I can still find the cognitive skills and the capability to drive this vehicle. “Jesus man,” I said while pulling myself toward the wheel.“I have gone rogue in this cruiser and still, the… Continue Reading “Road Rage”

Solatium – Short Story 

The barrel of the gun was pointed to his temple with a shaky finger resting upon the steel trigger. John was never one for abrupt endings, but the fumes dispersing into the desolate night air from the gaping mouth of the sewers dampened his… Continue Reading “Solatium – Short Story “

A Blistered Badge – Short Story 

It was 7:30 a.m. and the morning sun was radiantly shining. Charles awoke with a head pain beyond a tolerable sensation. He lifted the apex that contained the former night’s memories with a wonder of contingent variables that left him perplexed. “Charlie?” Amie woke… Continue Reading “A Blistered Badge – Short Story “