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Series I: Stand Off – Chapter 17: Party Pains

  Thomas felt more than hot in the face. He blinked more than usual and swallowed what saliva he had in his mouth. “Well, you know Uncle Barren,” Aunt Clare said. “Um, yes,” Thomas replied settling his eyes upon him. He noticed Uncle Barren’s… Continue Reading “Series I: Stand Off – Chapter 17: Party Pains”

Series I: Stand Off – Chapter 16: Kitchen Temperature

The drive to Kristan’s aunt’s house was a series of twisting roads that followed the natural contours of New York’s mountains. It was dark. The trees that crept up the ridges of the road climbed high. Thomas had to tilt his head down and… Continue Reading “Series I: Stand Off – Chapter 16: Kitchen Temperature”

Series I: Stand Off, Chapter 15 – Where the Road Bends

Kristen’s parent’s house was small and it rested on a 45-degree angle along the road that fed into the downtown district of Cold Spring. An old facility was behind the house that stored privately owned boats during the winter. It was right on the… Continue Reading “Series I: Stand Off, Chapter 15 – Where the Road Bends”

Series I: Chapter 14 – Car Trouble

The car broke down just outside of White Plains, New York. There was something wrong with the radiator valve because smoke started to steam up from underneath the hood. Thomas had to pull over into a mall parking lot before the smoke could proliferate… Continue Reading “Series I: Chapter 14 – Car Trouble”

Series I: Chapter 13 – Collapsed Accordion

Thomas walked down the Victorian steps with his chin into his chest and his hands deep into his pockets. He had put his jacket on right before taking that first step down the stoop. When his feet met the sidewalk, the brisk air met… Continue Reading “Series I: Chapter 13 – Collapsed Accordion”

Series I: Chapter 12 – Behind Closed Doors

The guest room was small with only a bed and a dresser against the wall that shared the doorway. There was a mirror above this dresser that expanded the room’s dimensions a bit, but mostly just reflected the sole window that had blinds draped… Continue Reading “Series I: Chapter 12 – Behind Closed Doors”

Series I: Chapter 11 – The Sharper the Knife . . .

  Thomas descended the steps to see that Kristen and George were sitting at the table. Kristen was at the head of the table closest to the stairs and when George spoke to Thomas, she turned around. “The steaks shouldn’t take much longer,” George… Continue Reading “Series I: Chapter 11 – The Sharper the Knife . . .”

Series I – Chapter 10: Thawed to Decay

That same silver grey flooded the wooden floor when George walked through the front door of Kristen’s Victorian. His posh leathered shoes clapped against the floorboards as he walked in, shutting the door behind him and placing his duffle bag, along with his laptop… Continue Reading “Series I – Chapter 10: Thawed to Decay”

Series I – Chapter 9: Home Is Where the Hurt Is

“Would you put the phone down and look at this,” Thomas said with Kristen resting in his lap as they both sat on a precipice overlooking Minnewaska Lake. The evergreens sprouted as far as the eye could see and right where the lake met… Continue Reading “Series I – Chapter 9: Home Is Where the Hurt Is”

Series I: Stand Off – Chapter 8: Waking Up Silent

Thomas heard footsteps coming from the second floor and he opened his eyes without getting up. He remained on the couch in a lateral position with his head facing the couch’s back cushion and studied its design. His mouth and throat were dry and… Continue Reading “Series I: Stand Off – Chapter 8: Waking Up Silent”