6 of the Many Articles that I Wrote for The Town News Today Newspaper of Piscataway, NJ (Published in 2015-2016).

  • Bowling for Funds The Piscataway Education Foundation is having a fundraising Bowl-A-Thon this Saturday at Stelton Lanes.

    The price to bowl is 25 dollars per person and will cover 3 games. This price will also include tricky tray tickets, door prizes, music and more. If bowling isn’t of an interest, but having a great time for a good cause is, then the cost to participate is 15 dollars. Participants are not limited to the number of tickets they wish to buy for the door and tricky tray prizes.

    A tricky tray raffle is meant to appeal to the individual’s interest. For those who are unaware of how this raffle is conducted, there are baskets in front of each prize that allow the prospective winner to choose his or her particular prize. Although this system doesn’t guarantee a win for all who toss a ticket (or tickets) in the basket, it makes the winning prize selective and personal.

    The occasion is for raising enough funds that go directly toward next year’s teacher grants. Supporting this cause will help further the innovative ideas that teachers have for their schools, such as pilot programs and technological upgrades. The purpose is to make these ideas a reality and to advance the approach toward learning. The proceeds will cover all 12 schools of Piscataway that range from kindergarten to high school.

    There will be a total of 70 sticky tray prizes that include Giants tickets, a fit-bit, a candle basket, an apron with 300 dollars worth of gift cards attached, and a Samsung galaxy tablet. Each person is given an entry to the door prizes that have smaller gifts that include house wares and other tiny essentials.

    All participants should bring a valid form of identification for this event is only for 21 years and older. Bowl reasonably since a cash bar will be available during the hours of the fundraiser, 6pm-9pm. Stelton Lanes is located at 1665 Stelton Road, Piscataway NJ.

    Tickets are limited. To reserve yours, call the Community Education at (732)-572-4688.






  • A New Head of Defense for Rutgers FootballThe Rutgers football program’s head coach, Chris Ash has hired Jay Niemann as the new defensive coordinator for this upcoming season. His 25 years of coaching experience will grant the Scarlet Knights a fresh approach to their tactics on the field.

    Niemann’s repertoire includes six seasons as the head coach at Simpson College and most recently, the defensive coordinator at Northern Illinois for the last five years. Coach Ash’s relationship with Niemann goes back to the days when Ash played football for the Drake Bulldogs under his tutelage as the defensive coordinator. This bond between the two coaches will prosper onto the team, as per their philosophy to defensive tactics mesh well together.

    While coaching the defense for the Northern Illinois football program, Niemann has lead them to winning the Mid-American Conference West each year with three league titles. In this past year alone, NIU has won six conference games and is currently ranked eighth in the nation in turnovers gained and fourth in interceptions.

    Niemann is a graduate from Iowa State and played football for the Cyclones from 1979-82. He began his coaching career in 1985 at Western Washington, coaching linebackers and special teams units while pursuing his master’s degree of which he completed in 1988. During his master’s education, he accepted a graduate assistant position at the University of Washington, working with the Husky linebackers and defensive backs from 1986 to his graduation year. He continued to pursue coaching after this first exposure that led him to the coaching position at Drake in 1989. During his six-year career at Drake, he managed to have the Bulldog’s defense achieve the top 10 national ranking in scoring defense, passing efficiency defense and total defense.

    His expertise will show promise for the Scarlet Knights for his efforts have sent a few of his focused players to NFL Drafts, such as senior safety for NIU, Jimmie Ward. He was selected by the San Francisco 49ers in 2014 for the first round of the NFL Draft. In the last four years, Niemann’s defensive coordinating has sent seven players forward in their football career to the NFL.

    Let’s welcome Jay Niemann to the Rutgers family with the best prospects for the 2016 season.




  • The Scarlet Knights versus the Wolverines Rutgers travels to Ann Arbor, Michigan this Saturday to face the Wolverines at Michigan Stadium.

    This will be the second meeting of the two teams in their history. Last year, the Scarlet Knights claimed a victory at High Point Solutions Stadium with a score of 26-24.

    At No. 16, the Michigan Wolverines have a record of 6-2 with 3-1 in the Big Ten Conference this season. Their loss against Michigan State on Oct. 17th had them striving to win against Minnesota last weekend, in which they did. However, it was a game that cost them their quarterback, Jake Rudock.

    Early in the game against Minnesota, Rudock received a torso injury that had him leave the field. His progress toward a full recovery is yet to be complete. Coach Jim Harbaugh has said that this week’s practice will determine if he is able to perform this weekend. It is well understood that his recovery is the main priority.

    Rutgers wide receiver, Janarion Grant has been receiving lesser amounts of attention on the field despite his record so far this season of 21 passes for 181 yards with 4 carries for 31 yards. In the past two games, he has only received 3 of those passes that amounted to a low of 11 yards. The lack of attention is warranted to the fact that Coach Kyle Flood does not want the ball directed to Grant as a target for unwanted interceptions. Forcing the ball into scenarios such as that puts the play in danger of a turn-over. With Leonte Carroo out of commission due to his right ankle injury, the Scarlet Knights look to other receivers (Carlton Agudosi and Andre Patton) including Grant to make the plays less obvious to the Wolverines defense.

    With that being said, the Wolverines defense will be vital in the effort to combatant the Scarlet Knights offense. They have been top-ranked in the country as being No. 2 in total defense and No. 3 in rushing yards allowed, which is 65.8 yards.

    The game will air on the Big Ten Network when kickoff is at 3:30 pm.



  • Local Artist Supports Uncle Sam’s A talented independent artist of embroidery and a specialist in portraits was at the Halloween birthday fundraiser for the Goldman House this past weekend.

    During the 100th birthday celebration, Jennifer Sorensen had her hand-drawn prints on display. She primarily works with black and white prints, but has been recently experimenting with color. Characters and celebrities such as Amy Poehler, Walter White, and Lucille Ball were for sale as well as specifically crafted cross-stitch designs.

    Sorensen grew up above her grandmother’s fabric store, an excellent background for the type of art that she creates.

    “Sewing is in my blood,” Sorensen said, describing her artistry roots. “I enjoy the contrast in using folk medium express modern themes.”

    The cross-stitching projects entail embroidering a quote alongside traditional imagery. Sorensen takes these types of custom orders along with inquiry orders through her online shop as of late. You may peruse or purchase her art at Etsy.com. Just search for JenniferLightAndDark.

    Sorensen’s affiliation with the Goldman House is deeply attuned with her graduate studies at Rutgers University. As a focused history student of modern Russia, Sorensen hones her expertise with her art at the local historic Goldman House. Since the house emulates aesthetic value that pertains to the Russian Bolshevik Movement during the early 1900’s, Sorensen shares more of a connection with the house. Her fondness of the house also holds true relating to the fact that the Goldman House, known locally as Uncle Sam’s Cabin, is an artistic masterpiece.

    Upon finding the historical house through the motive of seeing a local friend perform there this past March, she was flabbergasted. “I was enchanted immediately.” Sorensen said.

    Sorensen has since been selling her artwork at each festival, supporting the local history along with expressing her love for it.





  • The Afraid Brigade at the Goldman HouseThe Afraid Brigade will be playing at the Goldman House Fundraiser this Halloween for its 100th Birthday.

    The Afraid Brigade is a four piece band from Edison, NJ that implements Indie fantasy rock-and-roll into their musical style. Founded by singer and guitarist, Joe Ruff in 2011, they have since been writing music that primarily relate to haunted stories and ghastly influences.

    Their single titled, “In the Dark” released in January of 2014. It is about the relationship of the supernatural with the ambiance of autumn, referring to the moon’s florescent glow and the tree’s decaying foliage. The fearful aspect of the unknown in this hit is expressed thoroughly well with the background chorus that emulates Ruff’s vocals. It isn’t just in the lyrics that convey the theme of their music, but with their instrumentation as well. With Ben Lander on bass, laying the foundation of the tunes, Tyler Boland on guitar and keys expanding the spooky tones with synthesizing effects, and Nick Kile producing a poppy yet indie beat on the drums, their sound in its entirety holds true to the vibes that Halloween is sure to deliver.

    They released their first EP called The Helpless and the Hopeless on January 2013 and can be accessed on Band Camp. Their newest self-titled LP called In the Dark was released early last year, in January 2014. Their single, “In the Dark” is track number 2 off of the extensive 9 track LP. In the Dark was recorded in Ruff’s Basement, taking on the DIY ethic of today’s music industry. The final production of the album was completed at Timber Studios located in Bayonne NJ.

    The Fundraiser at the Goldman House is on October 31st at 143 School St. It begins at 5 pm and will have other bands performing, including Lowlight, Cyphered Threads, and H.O.I.S.T.


  • Happy Hanukkah December 6th commenced the first night of The Festival of Lights that is Hanukkah, the Jewish holiday that commemorates the Maccabees revolting against the tyranny of Antiochus during the Seleucid Empire.

    The religious intolerance of the Jewish faith brought the Seleucid Empire to convert or destroy all Jewish temples. Hanukkah is the recognition of the success against this intolerance that brought the resurrection and rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. The menorah (Hebrew for “lamp”) found in the temple was extinguished upon the rededication of the temple. The significance of the holiday celebrates the miracle that with the remaining oil found, lit the candles for eight days and nights when the oil was only meant to last one night. This allotted enough time for the making of more oil to sustain the flames.

    A favorite celebratory act involves the culinary creation of delicious latkas. Latkas are prepared from the shavings of potatoes and onions along with baking powder, one egg and of course, oil. Grilling the prepared shavings saturated in this delectable concoction of kitchen necessities, especially the oil commemorates the miracle of the lasting oil as well as bringing the entire family together. Another festive food is a variation of a jelly donut called a sufganiyot.

    The special Hanukkah Menorah has nine candles, with the extra in the middle known as the shamash (Hebrew for “attendant”). This middle candle is used to light each candle as the eight days progress. Three prayers are recited during the lighting of the candle which occurs right before the setting of the sun on the first night. Each consecutive night, only two prayers are recited. Gifts are exchanged each night as well as games such as the twirling of the dreidel. The dreidel has four Hebrew letters scribed on each side of the toy that together form the acronym “Nes Gadol Hayah Sham”, translated to “a great miracle happened there.” The spinning of the dreidel also incorporates a game that involves players to play for Hanukkah Gelt. Hanukkah Gelt is chocolate coins that are played for in respect to teach child the act of charity. Playing for real Gelt (Hebrew for “money”) is a reminder of the freedom won against the Seleucid Empire. Players either place everything they are playing with in the pot, place half of their pieces in the pot, put in another game piece in the pot, or void any action during their turn. Each side of the dreidel instructs the player to take any of these actions as it lands.

    To everyone who celebrates this blessed holiday, enjoy the festivities; especially with the ones that you love. It is a time to recognize a miracle that saved a religion, as well as a time to recognize the people you spend it with.


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